Blinga Design’s Summer 2016 Collections

Spring has ended and the summer solstice has begun, marking the beginning of summer. Sun worshippers are out giving praise to the light giver. And what better way to show appreciation to Earth’s nearest star than to reflect its shine and beauty. For that purpose, nothing beats Swarovski crystals. They’re renowned for their luster and shine that is said to be comparable to that of diamonds but a lot less expensive than the carbon based gem. If you happen to be searching for quality, Swarovski adorned pieces, worry no more. Blinga Design has got you covered. Well, at least the accessories you’ll come with.

Blinga Design:

If exclusive handbags and shoes are your thing, Blinga Design creates some of the world’s most exquisite and exclusive ladies’ accessories guaranteed not only to make you feel elegant but look that way, too. Blinga Design items are real works of art and there can be no more appropriate season to wear these beautiful creations than when the sun shines at its longest and brightest – summer time. Go to this website for invaluable information covering Crystal bridal shoes.

Don’t worry about bumping to another lady wearing the same shoes or having the same handbag as yours. Each design that comes from Blinga is limited and even comes with an authenticity certificate. Blinga Design is so much committed to individuality that they accept remakes of handbags and shoes so they can be as unique as they possibly can.

Genuine Swarovski Crystals:

Blinga Design uses only quality Swarovski crystals for its creations. To give you an idea of how painstaking it is to finish just a single creation, a mid sized handbag or a standard pair of shoes can have between 7,000 to 30,000 pieces of Swarovski crystals and each one is placed by master craftsmen and craftswomen using their hands. No machine intervention here. Just plain, old handiwork from some of the most skilled workers in the world.

Making the Old New Again:

Handbags and shoes get old with time as fashion trends change. Let Blinga Design breathe new life into your vintage items by adorning them with Swarovski crystals. You’ll be amazed with the results as your pre-loved and old shoes and bags become like new again. It’s like having a new item in your fashion collection. Just bring over your accessory to Blinga Design and their well trained artisans will be more than glad to help you.

What Makes Blinga Design Different?

Their dedication to artistry, individuality, and quality sets Blinga Design apart, beyond, and above competition. You can be sure of superb craftsmanship and genuine materials. They’re so confident about their work that they offer retouch if some crystals eventually fall of – free of charge!

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Learning Spanish in Buenos Aires – Focus On These 9 Things

When you’re studying one of the many Spanish schools in Buenos Aires, figuring out where to study in this enormous region can be overwhelming. With over 13 million in the bigger metropolis area, it’s one of the world’s biggest cities. As a consequence, there are seemingly an endless variety of alternatives of where you are able to stay. It makes sense to learn about the various neighborhoods in advance as just a little advance research can make all the difference in the quality of your excursion. From an American or European outlook, all neighborhoods are affordable, so large differences in safety and quality of life can be had for a small upgrade in cost.

With that fact in mind, let’s have a look at a couple of the barrios of Buenos Aires:

San Telmo is famous for its tango nightclubs and art fairs. Although this district is a nice area to see, it probably isn’t ideal for a long-term stay. This website has great information regarding Argentina Spanish Schools. Parts of San Telmo are run-down, and this place can be a bit sketchy at night. You definitely want to spend some afternoons and evenings enjoying the culture of this area. Nevertheless, it’s not a fantastic place to reside or attend school while you learn Spanish in Argentina.

Centro (downtown) tends to be even more rundown than San Telmo. As with many downtown areas all over the world, many businesses that were formerly in Centro have relocated to other places. Needless to say, the popular pedestrian shopping boulevard Avenida Florida in Centro is worth taking a day trip to visit. However, otherwise this area tends to be noisy, polluted and not a great alternative for your stay. At nighttime it is most unpleasant with its big garbage heaps difficult to prevent.

Another spot where you do not need to miss taking a daytrip is Congreso. This area is home to some famous sites including the Casa Rosada (Presidential offices) and the Obelisk. Be mindful than Congreso is best avoided for those selecting a Buenos Aires Spanish school. More suited for government and legal offices than apartment buildings, the zone becomes relatively deserted after work hours.

If you are looking for an ideal locality, one of your first choices should be Recoleta. This area has a well-deserved fantastic reputation and is truly one of the choice areas in the city. It is comfy, safe and conveniently located. Naturally, quality is never cheap and living in Recoleta may cost about an additional $50 a week over some of the alternatives, but this price is well worth it for the extra safety alone.

If you can’t locate a place to stay in Recoleta, Palermo is the next best option. For security reasons, it’s wise to look for a place to live that is within three blocks of Avenida Santa Fe. There are lots of pubs and nightclubs in Palermo, so if you love nightlife, this area could be perfect for you. Want to learn more about Study Spanish in Buenos Aires? Visit this page. Nevertheless, some of the streets in Palermo can be a bit dangerous after dark, so always take necessary precautions.

The nice neighborhood of Belgranos is more distant than Recoleta and Palermo. Although this is a lovely place, it really isn’t especially interesting to foreigners. Nonetheless, Belgrano is undoubtedly the sort of place you’d want to live if you return to Buenos Aires to raise a family.

If you are attending one of the Spanish schools in Buenos Aires, the area in which you live will include a big part of your general experience. Remember that although going to class will be a significant part of your trip, you’ll also be spending a lot of time outside of course – doing Spanish assignments in cafes, buying fruit at the local marketplace, or meeting friends at a wine bar. It’s vital to do a bit of advance legwork to make certain your barrio will be one that you not only enjoy, but also one with high degrees of comfort and security. Fortunately the dollar goes far in Argentina so quality and affordability aren’t exclusive.