Save The Arctic From Oil Drilling

179033443_XSDespite mass condemnation, Shell has forged ahead with plans to drill for oil in the beautiful Arctic. Their oil spill response plan was not enough to convince environmental campaigners (or indeed anyone with any common sense) but it would seem that they did enough to convince the US authorities, who gave it the all clear. Shell’s drill ship the Noble Discoverer (an old ship and therefore more likely to suffer an incident) is now on its way to the Arctic as you read this.

Drilling for oil in this region could be utterly catastrophic. If there is an oil spill, it will spread beneath the ice and be virtually impossible to rectify. Given Shell’s track record with oil spills, how can they possibly be trusted in such a fragile ecosystem?

Polar bears, narwhals, walruses, beluga whales and musk oxes are just some of the wildlife under threat from oil drilling and climate change, not to mention an entire ecosystem, and the climate of the entire planet. Can we really stand by and allow this to happen? The ice is already melting, caused by dirty energy and fossil fuels that Shell now want to find more of. They are exploiting the melting ice that their fuels caused, using it as an excuse to find more.

urlAnd where Shell goes, other oil giants will follow, until the Arctic becomes a sitting time bomb, waiting for that inevitable accident and oil spillage. But Greenpeace and those who cherish the world we live in are fighting back. In London, protesters scaled the National Gallery to disrupt Shell’s event, at which they were trying to strengthen support for their sickening cause. On 24 February in New Zealand, Greenpeace activists, including Greenpeace ambassador and TV actress Lucy Lawless, scaled the Shell drillship that was due to set sail over the weekend, and maintained occupation for 4 days, raising signs for Save the Arctic and Stop Shell. Despite facing eventual arrest, they held fast for what they believed in. Eventually they were arrested by police and charged with burglary. Alas, they could but delay Shell, who set sail shortly after.

You too can help, by getting involved through signing petitions, supporting charities like Greenpeace, donating, fundraising, or simply raising awareness. Visit the links provided on this page to find out more, and help protect the Arctic from a disaster like this one pictured below, from the recent oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.'
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